Level 3 Membership

$100.00 / month

  • Access to the Kingdom Community Monthly Training on Zoom.
  • Access to two Premium Online Courses per year (in addition to our free courses).
  • Invitation to the Kingdom Conference and admission to the leaders gathering.
  • Access to our Facebook group where you can post and promote your ministry or business.
  • Access to our monthly online prayer gathering.
  • Access to our weekly leadership training sessions with Glenn Bleakney and others.
  • Access to our bimonthly small group mentoring session led by various leaders of the Kingdom Community.
  • 20% discount on online courses, in person workshops and digital and physical products.
  • Access to our mentoring sessions on Clubhouse.
  • Upload and sell 3 of your digital products to our website.
  • We will host your podcast episode weekly in our Kingdom Community podcast directory which is listened to by thousands.
  • Host and sell up to 2 of your online courses on our website.
  • Your ministry or business will be listed in the Kingdom Community hub directory. This is the place to post information about your ministry or business, host up to 4 videos, promote events, add your website address, and social media accounts.
  • Up to 5 of your products available for purchase on the KingdomCommunity.global website.
  • Host three of your courses on the KingdomCommunity.global website. All proceeds go to you! You may host additional courses for a charge. Contact us for more information.
  • Host your teaching videos (2 per month) on the KingdomCommunity.global website.
  • Your own video channel with donate link and links to your ministry or business website at KingdomCommunity.tv
  • We will stream and host ten of your on-demand videos on the Kingdom Community TV Network. Your program will be seen on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Apple TV, and on our iOS and Android apps, having the potential to be seen by hundreds of thousands! (See below for active users for Roku, Amazon, Google, and Apple TV).
  • We will promote two of your events each year on our website, through our email list, and though online advertising.
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