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Many in the Body of Christ long for apostolic relational connection and authentic community. The Kingdom Community, an initiative of Awake Nations Ministries, was started by Glenn and Lynn Bleakney for this very purpose. The Lord put it in their heart to serve God’s choice servants. Currently, people from many nations have connected and are now part of The Kingdom Community family. Sign up for our free training courses, attend our live online training sessions, and connect with us for prayer and fellowship. We are here to serve you. The Kingdom Community is a family where you are celebrated and not merely tolerated

Initiative We Offer

Our Global Team

Meet the Team

Glenn & Lynn Bleakney - USA
Derek Batte - South Africa
Nelson Nzvimbo - Zimbabwe
Kevin Forlong - Australia
Robert Hutapea - Indonesia
Daniel Guerrero - Switzerland
Linda Brown - Australia
Joe Denton - Honduras
James Park - Canada
Arthur Guice - USA