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Stephen Lewis

Relevance For Today
My name is Stephen Lewis, I am an Ordained Minister through Destiny Churches & Ministries International. I run an online Ministry called “Relevance For Today”. It is a Ministry that you will be able to enjoy Inspirational and Encouraging Audio and Video podcasts and Shows as well as Written Articles that have relevant topics to reach both Christians and unbelievers who are thinking about coming to Christ. Topics include the Bible, how to live a Christ-like Life, Ministry, relationships, family, interviews, real-life situations, group discussions, and more. My goal is to reach people around the world, sharing about Jesus Christ, through the Bible, writings, Podcasts, and Videos. I Co-Host a show with my wife Barb, called Outlook for a Brighter Day where our focus is to help our listeners and viewers have a brighter outlook on life. Both Podcast Shows can be found on all major Podcast Platforms including Libsyn, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible and More.
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