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Joe Denton

Tree of Life International
I am the founder and President of Tree of Life International, a non profit organization primarily ministering to children and youth in extremely poor nations and in very difficult life situations. I am married to Belkis who is from the beautiful nation of Honduras where I have lived for over 10 years. My team and I minister to over 400 children weekly in six locations providing teaching, discipleship, meals, games and activities, mentoring, educational assistance and other help. Our ministry is also involved in community transformation, hosting mission teams, and various other projects. We are also prayerfully believing to reach into other nations such as the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Albania. I also have a deep passion to help new missionaries successfully make it to the mission field, mentor them, and help them stay there long term. And I have a great desire to see the children we minister to find their specific calling and fulfill it, and for some, even many of them to become missionaries themselves who go out to change entire nations. I am greatly honored and blessed to serve on the Kingdom Community Global Leadership team.
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