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Our journey as Christ’s followers is a lifelong process of revelation, renewal, recovery, and refocus. Our responsibility is not to ‘discover our purpose’ or ‘fulfill our destiny,’ but rather to join God on the journey, allowing Him to shape destiny into our lives. 
As we stay the course and align ourselves with what He is doing, our life becomes vibrant, deeply significant, and full of purpose. With clarity and conviction we move forward! 

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The Kingdom Community is unique in that we embrace a Kingdom vision and paradigm. We are NOT interested in building a network or church/ministry organization. Our aim is to promote the Lord Jesus Christ and see His Kingdom advance in every every nation and in every sphere of society throughout the earth.


We exist to send forth God’s people to fulfill their destiny and advance the Kingdom. We do this by creating an atmosphere of expectation for the supernatural, by strategically equipping you to fulfill your Kingdom mandate, and by connecting you to people and resources for personal growth, leadership development, and collaboration in ministry and mission.


We view ourselves as a family and a community, not a religious organization. Consequently, relationships are an integral part of who we are. We are committed to get to know you and invest in your life and ministry to see you fully equipped for your purpose in Christ’s Kingdom.



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