Apostolic Bride

by Marlene Bond

Often when I think of the kingdom of God, I ask myself what and where is the kingdom? The kingdom is not some outward place or physical structure that we visit occasionally to see where the king lives, what his palace is like and how he rules his kingdom. The kingdom of God is within me as a born again believer. I become the one with the kingdom by way of my intimate union and communion with the king who sits on the throne of my heart.

As I commune with the king, who sits on the throne of my heart ,as his bride, his dearest and most prized possession who is absolutely and unconditionally adored, cherished, admired and desired by the king every moment of the day, I begin to share in the secrets of his heart and we share the secret desires of our hearts together. 

You see He has created such a strong, safe, secure and satisfying place on the inside of me, that we know what each other is thinking, needing and wanting at any given time. At least this is the potential that we are cultivating together through our shared times of conversation and communion.

We have become ONE, therefore we are learning to move act and have our very existence (being) IN each other as one.

He  creates on the inside of us a desire for nothing less than Oneness. This is the Bridal paradigm of our new creation identity as new creations in Christ. By knowing who we are as the adored, favoured, adorned, equipped bide of the king we rule the kingdom together. In love, from love with love and for loves sake……As we drip with the presence and fragrance of our union which we have developed together, we are creating the ability to see and be the reflection of the kingdom.

From the reflection of the king within, we rule His Kingdom. It has now become our kingdom but always with Him as the King., We are at HOME together in the kingdom and His Home is within us now. Heaven has become our home. In us. 

We are His Home and He is our Home. We are His reward and He is ours.

As we live from heaven’s throne as our home, Holy Spirit beckons us to come sup with Him, sit with Him, warm ourselves by the fire of His love and allow the sweet presence of His kingdom to slowly unravel the grave clothes that have been placed upon us…

The pain inside the human soul begins to dissolve when we engage with the king in the kingdom. The loneliness and despair begin to dissipate as we find we are loved, wanted, accepted exactly as we are, where we are and from whence we came. All those things are inconsequential now.We are new, we are accepted, we are loved.

……..As love and mercy begin to pour out from the Lord’s heart towards us, from the king and from the seat of His throne, we are drawn and begin to respond to the drawing and wooing and soothing voice and presence of the bridegroom.

He invites us into his chambers, His drawing room, His library, his intimate dressing room, dining room and his board room and into every room of his house……

He wants us to experience the comfort, love, acceptance, belonging, approval, significance, life, light, liberty and freedom, fulfilment and satisfaction that comes from being with Him….

We begin to experience the kingdom. We have found our Home. The kingdom with the king alongside of us and inside of us is. He is our identity, our substance our abode.He is our green pastures, our pleasure, our paradise garden. He  is where we find nourishment, peace, love, joy, righteousness. Everything that our hearts will ever deeply desire will be found in this kingdom and inside the heart of the king.These things have already been placed within us…Now.It is up to us to discover and uncover and accept and engage with this reality. The kingdom truly is within us NOW.

From this place everything begins to change……As we learn what it means to be part of His royal family…

As Jesus is in this world so are we NOW.We begin to see who we really are.

Who we were always designed to be…..A member of the kingdom and

married to the king. ONE with Him……

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From the place of utter and complete oneness and union and connection with

the king, we go out together to survey, interact with and affect the world

around us. We take the atmosphere of the relationship that we have and the

sweetness of that union and affect people and places around

us.. What we have received through our intimate union alone together, our

knowledge and experience of each other, through cultivating the reality of that

oneness, we can now share from our love union as a gift with others.

For he is the complete fullness of deity living in human form. And our own completeness is now found in him. We are completely filled with God as Christ’s fullness overflows within us. He is the Head of every kingdom and authority in the universe!

Colossians 2:9-10 TPT

It is time to discover who we truly are and whose we truly are and our position, identity, function and place in God’s kingdom….

Joint heirs with Christ. ……

 The mystery of Christ in us the hope and image of His Glory…… is within US. Our place is at the royal table, living out of the identity and authority that we carry innately.

This is our Apostolic mandate..This is who we are now..Sent ones…

The King would have us know this as He beckons us to come and survey His kingdom with Him. Allowing Him to show us the areas and places that He wants to infiltrate through us. Together as ONE. Releasing the kingdom from within….

Living from a place of It Is Finished…We are learning to release this…We are learning what this means…

An invitation from Jesus to us today is “will you come and join me in my kingdom and rule with me as my bride my my side?”


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